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Avalon Golf Affiliates

The Avalon Golf Affiliate Program is designed to compensate current customers who are passionate about our brand and products. We will provide Affiliates a unique URL that will be used to track purchases for which we will provide a 10% commission.

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The Avalon Golf Affiliate Program

How it Works

Avalon Golf: Brand Ambassador Program 0`

1. Sign Up for an Account
(approval required)

Avalon Golf: Brand Ambassador Program 02

2. Share your affiliate link
(via social media, email, article etc…)

Avalon Golf: Brand Ambassador Program 03

3. A user accesses our site using your affiliate Link

Avalon Golf: Brand Ambassador Program 04

4. User purchases one or more products from our site

Avalon Golf: Brand Ambassador Program 05a

5. The sale is recorded by our affiliate system and linked to your profile

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6. You’ll earn a 10% commission on the order placed by the user

Affiliate Program Overview

Affiliate Program Requirements:

In order to be qualify for the Avalon Golf Affiliate Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Current Customer (meaning you have purchased from us in the past)
  2. Have a minimum of 500 followers on Instagram
  3. Tag @avalongolfco or share an Avalon Golf Post/Story once a month
We retain the right to revoke Affiliate status in the even the above requirements are not met 

Avalon Golf Affiliate Program Details:

  • Commission: Earn 10% on all Referral Sales
  • Unique Coupon Code: We can also provide you a unique coupon code (10% off) you can share with your followers, friends and family that will track your sales
  • Affiliate Links: Avalon will provide our Affiliates unique links to avalongolf.co to track referral sales. Affiliate links (ex. avalongolf.co/YOURNAME) are to be shared with your audience. Cookie referral tracking valid for 30 days
  • Affiliate Portal: Affiliates will receive an account and login credentials to the Affiliate Portal where they can track sales history, view total earnings and withdrawal account balances (paid via PayPal)
  • Real Time Notifications: Get notified instantly after a sale is made using your affiliate link
  • Free Product: Meeting certain referral sales goals can entitle affiliates to earn free product

Ready to get started? Go to our Registration Page

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We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback, contact us at contact@avalongolf.co or shoot us a DM on Instagram (@avalongolfco).

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