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The Best Shoes for Golf Jogger Pants

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Guide to Golf Jogger Pants Styling: Best Men's Golf Shoes

September 14, 2023

With temperatures starting to drop, we’re beginning to see more pants on the golf course. And with the change in weather, its time for golfers to start to restocking their wardrobes with the latest trends in men’s golf apparel. Looking at hottest golf fashion trends for 2023, I believe we will start to see a lot more Golf Jogger Pants on the course. If you’re a fashion forward golfer who likes a new age look, golf joggers are a great choice that will blend athletics and style. Often overlooked, is the importance of the right shoes when wearing jogger pants. Lets take a look at the best shoes that can be worn with golf joggers in 2023.

Best Shoes for Men's Golf Jogger Pants

Different Types of Men’s Golf Shoes

The Classic Golf Shoe:

Popularized by Footjoy, the classic golf shoe ties back to traditional looks in the golden era of golf. These shoes are now modernized with the latest materials and technology to balance comfort and functionality. Classic golf shoes are still the most popular look on tour.

The Athletic Golf Shoe:

For those seeking a sportier look, athletic golf shoes are a must. These are a natural transition of running sneakers that have blended styling and performance-based features and fabric into a golf shoe. In this category we see many major sporting brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor and Puma

The Casual Golf Shoe:

You could also call the Causal Golf Shoe a hybrid. Often lacking a soft spike, casual golf shoes mimic the look of every day causal shoes and focus on comfort. These have been made popular by brands like ECCO and are designed for those looking for a more laidback look.

What Shoes are Best for Wearing with Men’s Golf Joggers?

We’ll take a brand agnostic approach here and look at golf shoes from various brands – to ensure we have a suggestion that will fit both your personal brand preference and budget.

Nike Golf Shoes:

Nike, the king of sport shoes has some great athletic golf shoe as well as Classic Golf Shoes. Both options are sure to pair well with golf joggers to keep you looking stylish. Here’s our take on the best Nike Golf Shoes for styling with golf jogger pants:

Best Overall: Nike AirMax 90G – $130 USD

Best Shoes for Golf Joggers: Nike Airmax 90G

Nike AirMax 90G shown with Avalon Players Golf Jogger Pants

Excerpt from Nike.com: The original Nike Air Max 90 was renowned for its clean lines and timeless style. The Nike Air Max 90 G stays true to the OG icon with a few updates made for golf, like integrated traction and a thin overlay that helps keep out water.

Best Value Nike Golf Shoe: Nike Infinity Pro 2 – $110 USD

Nike AirMax 90G shown with Avalon Tour Golf Joggers

Excerpt from Nike.com: When you said you wanted a golf shoe that not only looks like a modern running shoe, but also performs like one, we listened. Introducing the Nike Infinity Pro 2. It pairs the incredible comfort and versatility of integrated traction with a sleek, breathable textile upper that’s easy to clean. Plus, it has Nike React foam cushioning, so you’ll be more than ready to go from the course to the concrete, and everywhere in between.

Styling Tip: White Nike Golf Shoes will pair well with nearly any color golf joggers.

FootJoy Men's Golf Shoes:

Self proclaimed as ‘The #1 Shoe in Golf’, Footjoy has built a legacy on golf shoes. They are the leading shoe on Tour and have a loyal ‘traditionalist’ audience. We cant deny their Originals and Premier Series – Field lines are some of the best looking in the Classic Golf Shoe Category. And more recently, Footjoy has expanded its line by getting into the athletic and casual golf shoe categories. Here are the best Footjoy Golf Shoes for wearing with Golf Jogger Pants:

Best Classic Golf Shoe: Footjoy Premier Series – Field – $199 USD

Best Shoes for Golf Joggers: FJ Premier Series Field

Excerpt from FootJoy.com: Truly timeless styling linking generations of players seeking to wear iconic, classic golf footwear. FJ, the #1 Shoe In Golf.

Best Value Footjoy Golf Shoe: Footjoy Originals – $99 USD

Best Shoes for Men's Golf Joggers: FJ Originals

Excerpt from FootJoy.com: FJ Originals men’s golf shoes provide great traction and easily maintain their beauty round after round. FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf.

G/Fore Golf Shoes:

An up and comer in the world of Golf Fashion, G/Fore offers an impressive collection of men’s golf shoes. This Los Angeles brand is positioned as high fashion luxury and offers some impressive kicks – albeit at a very premium price point. G/Fore golf shoes are an excellent choice to wear with Men’s Golf Jogger Pants if you’re going for a luxury look.

Best Luxury Golf Shoe: G/Fore Gallivanter Pebble Leather Golf Shoe – $225 USD

Best Men's Golf Shoes for Jogger Pants: G/Fore Gallivanter

Excerpt from GFore.com: As stylish as it is comfortable, the Gallivanter golf shoe combines an athletic fit with premium waterproof leather. The Gallivanter boasts an ultra lightweight sole coupled with a bespoke cleat design for optimal on-course traction. This shoe sports a washable and antimicrobial, triple density foam cushion footbed for superior comfort along with comfort system technology which allows airflow to feet and provides the ultimate massage for your soles.

Worthwhile Consideration: G/Fore MG4+ Tonal Golf Shoe – $225 USD

Best Shoes for Golf Joggers: G/Fore MG4

Excerpt from GFore.com: The men’s MG4+ t.p.u. Tonal Golf Shoe is the perfect combination of lightweight comfort and technical performance. Built upon the classic necessities of a golf shoe, but with a modern perspective, this style boasts a washable, triple density foam cushion footbed and auxetic lattice midsole for rebound, paired with a fully waterproof high abrasion resistant exterior and 3d molded external heel cup for additional support.

Adidas Golf Shoes:

Another heavyweight in the footwear industry, Adidas has long been a name in the golf industry sponsoring many athletes on Tour and delivering some of the most stylish and fashion forward golf shoes in the game. While Adidas now has Casual and Classic style golf shoe offerings, we prefer their athletic shoes and can attest they are some of the most comfortable shoes in golf. Checkout our suggestion for best golf jogger shoe from Adidas.

Most Comfortable Men’s Golf Shoe: Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoes – $200 USD

Best Shoes for Golf Jogger Pants: Adidas ZG23

Excerpt from Adidas.com: Step onto the course ready to compete. ZG23 redefines what a lightweight golf shoe can do with an ultralight platform that’s built for tournament-level performance. Featherweight underfoot, it delivers the traction and stability needed to focus on your game. From its hybrid Lightstrike midsole to the waterproof upper and engineered six-cleat Traxion outsole, adidas ZG23 offers all-day comfort and a secure, grounded feel. Give yourself the benefit of extended energy and a winning mindset that’s all about bringing your A-game.

Under Armour Golf:

Under Armour made a name for itself in golf behind its flagship athlete Jordan Speith. Their line has evolved from apparel into shoes and includes some noteworthy options for pairing with golf joggers. Check out our favorite Under Armour Golf Shoe for wearing with golf jogger pants.

Best Technical Golf Shoe: Under Armour Men’s UA HOVR Drive 2 Golf Shoes – $160 USD

Best Shoes for Golf Jogger Pants: Under Armour HOVR Drive 2

Excerpt from UnderArmour.com: The key here is the UA HOVR™ cushioning—it’s not just comfortable, it actually returns energy. Add in waterproof, breathable technology and you’re ready to go all season.

ECCO Golf Shoes:

A pioneer in the Casual Golf shoe category, ECCO now boasts one of the largest collection of mens golf shoes in the industry. If you’re looking for a good, comfortable and stylish golf shoe to go with your favorite pair of golf joggers, ECCO is worth checking out.

Best Casual Golf Shoe: ECCO Men’s Golf BIOM Hybrid Shoe – $160 USD

Best Shoes for Men's Golf Jogger Pants: Ecco Biom

Excerpt from Ecco.com: Sleek, understated and fashioned from a fresh mix of durable ECCO leather and premium textiles, the ECCO M GOLF BIOM® HYBRID offers contemporary street style for on and off the course. In wet weather, the water-repellent ECCO HYDROMAX™ technology will help to keep your foot dry. Engineered with BIOM® NATURAL MOTION® and ECCO FLUIDFORM™ technologies, as well as an E-DTS® traction system, this shoe delivers all-day comfort and grip so you can focus on your game.

Best Shoes for Men’s Golf Jogger Pants: Conclusion

Our preference leans towards Athletic Style Golf Shoes being the best option to wear with golf joggers as joggers are more an athletic style pant. Saying that, there are plenty good shoe options in the casual and classic shoe styles.

If your shopping for some new golf joggers, check out the golf joggers collection from Avalon Golf. With 4 distinct styles and over 15 color options, they’re sure to have a golf jogger pant that meets your demands.

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