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Stay a swing ahead on the latest and greatest men’s golf fashion and style

by Avalon Golf

The Golfer's Fashion Journal

Stay up to date on the latest apparel and fashion trends in Men’s Golf. We’ll be featuring regular updates on the latest trends and where to go for the newest and freshest styles

Avalon Tour Slim Fit Golf Pants: 2024 Release

Avalon 2024 Release: Tour Slim-Fit Golf Pants

Avalon Golf, a Modern Mens Golf Apparel Brand, is proud to announce the addition of the Tour Mens Slim Fit Golf Pants to its 2024 collection. The Tour Pants are designed are expertly tailored as a slim-fit golf pant with tapered legs and slim leg openings. Crafted as a technical golf pant, the Tour Pants offer a generous flex (to promote swing movement), are lightweight and moisture wicking…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct Golf Joggers Length

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Correct Golf Joggers Length

We hear it often, “What length should I choose for my Golf Joggers.” Choosing the correct length is a loaded question and typically comes down to a customer’s preference on styling. There are factors that beyond height that be considered during decision making. This article is to be used a guide to help you select the correct jogger length for your body shape and size. Lets take a deep dive into the world of Choosing the Correct Jogger Length.

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Choosing the Perfect Length Golf Shorts in 2023

Choosing the Perfect Golf Shorts Length in 2024

We are seeing modern trends take over in golf and along with this is the introduction of shorter inseam golf shorts. Traditionally 9-inch to 11-inch golf shorts were the norm. These longer length shorts, although great for traditional demographics, didn’t cater to the newer fashion-conscious golf crowds. In this article, we set our to help readers decide on what is the perfect length for golf shorts in 2024.

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2024 Golf Joggers Release

Avalon Introduces New Golf Jogger Pants for 2024

Avalon Golf, a leading Men’s Golf Jogger & Apparel Brand, is thrilled to announce the addition of 5 new joggers to its golf pant collection. 5 new colors have been introduced between the Tour and Players Golf Jogger lines as part of Avalon’s commitment to be the leading Golf Joggers Brand. Avalon continues to expand its jogger collection and offers the largest selection of joggers in the men’s golf apparel industry.

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Golf Joggers: Embrace Modern Mens Golf Apparel

Golf Joggers: Embrace the Era of Modern Golf Apparel

Golf joggers are one of the hottest apparel trends in golf today. We’re starting to see the jogger pants style emerge all over the sport with tour pros and amateur golfers alike sporting this new trendy look. The popularity of joggers in golf has risen with the game of golf itself becoming more popular and with new interest from a younger demographic who put more emphasis on the fashion. We are starting to see more golf apparel brands (adapt to the modern needs of today’s golfer and introduce golf joggers in their lines. Let’s dive into learn more about Golf Jogger Pants. Let’s dive into learn more about Golf Jogger Pants.

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Players Golf Jogger Launch

Avalon Golf Fall ’23 Release: The Players Golf Jogger Pant

The Players Golf Jogger offer a modern take on men’s golf pants – providing a stylish, athletic and fashion forward look. These ultra-premium pants blend elements from joggers with golf pants and feature tailored legs that taper from the knee down to the ankle. The jogger design is highlighted at the ankle with side zippers and a half elastic back that will cuff at the ankle.

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Elevate your Game with these Stylish Mens Golf Belts

Elevate Your Golf Game with These Stylish Mens Golf Belts

When it comes to golf fashion, every detail matters, including the accessories you choose to wear on the course. One often-overlooked but essential accessory is the golf belt. Not only does a golf belt serve a functional purpose by keeping your pants securely in place during your swings, but it also adds a touch of style to your golf attire. In this article, we will explore different types of mens golf belts, from classic leather belts to modern, tech-savvy options, helping you find the perfect belt to elevate your golf game and your fashion quotient.

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Best Shoes for Golf Jogger Pants 2023

The Best Shoes for Golf Jogger Pants

With temperatures starting to drop, we’re beginning to see more pants on the golf course. And with the change in weather, its time for golfers to start to restocking their wardrobes with the latest trends in men’s golf apparel. Looking at hottest golf fashion trends for 2023, I believe we will start to see a lot more Golf Jogger Pants on the course. If you’re a fashion forward golfer who likes a new age look, golf joggers are a great choice that will blend athletics and style. Often overlooked, is the importance of the right shoes when wearing jogger pants. Lets take a look at the best shoes that can be worn with golf joggers in 2023.

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Stay Stylish on the Greens with Golf Joggers

Stay Stylish on the Green with Golf Joggers

Are you tired of sacrificing style for comfort on the golf course? Look no further than golf joggers, the trend that is lighting up golf courses. These stylish golf pants offer a modern twist to traditional golf pants, ensuring you look good while still performing at your best. Whether you’re riding in the cart, walking 18 holes or sitting in the clubhouse for a post-round beverage, golf jogger pants provide the ultimate comfort, allowing you to swing freely and play confidently while looking good.

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